Coaching teens to become stronger, more confident, and more resilient.

Nexus Teens is a strength and conditioning program built to help teens develop greater athleticism, whether they play a sport or not. Designed for teens 13-17 years old, we recognize that every teen has different fitness capabilities. As such, we have experienced fitness professionals overseeing every class. We ensure that every workout is tailored to meet your teen where they are. This approach allows them to be successful while simultaneously challenging them to achieve more.

Helping teens develop a lifelong love of fitness.

Too many teens exercise because they HAVE TO. Others never develop the habit because they didn't find a sport they excelled in. Our goal is to make fitness something they enjoy and look forward to. We aim to equip your teen with healthy habits that will stick with them for life.

Designed for sustainable results.

At Nexus, we believe that what we do in the gym should make life outside of it better. In our Teens class, this means we place an emphasis on quality over ego. As such, we focus on proper technique first, and doing it consistently, before introducing intensity. With this approach, this program can help any teen become more confident and secure in their own abilities, while simultaneously building their defense against many injuries commonly seen in team sports.

This class is specifically designed for teens ages 13-17. Kids ages 7-12 have a separate class focused on developing their capabilities. We make it easy to discover if a Nexus Teens program is right for your child with a free consult. Book your free No Sweat Intro to see first-hand how much fun your teen can have getting fit.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Meet with a coach, learn about the program, and get a quick, personalized workout.

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