Coaching children to become more confident in themselves and their abilities.

Kids are made to move. We teach them how to move better and how to continue moving well as they progress into sport and life in general. Whether your child is already active or needs some help getting started, we meet them where they are to help them develop strength, coordination, balance, agility, flexibility, and endurance.

The beginning of a lifelong love of fitness.

The Nexus Kids classes are designed to mimic the skills and movements found in sport and play. This means we mix things like pushing, pulling, running, jumping, and climbing to help developing bodies improve their fitness, coordination, and confidence. We keep things fun, but aim to equip your child with healthy habits that will stick with them for life.

Designed for growing bodies.

The Nexus Kids classes are designed to teach your child to enjoy fitness through games, activities, and workouts that become something they WANT to do. Each class can be scaled to the developmental stage of the child and include personal direction from qualified fitness professionals. As a result, your child will be challenged and feel accomplished in every class.

This class is specifically designed for kids ages 7-12. Teens ages 13-17 have a separate class focused on developing their strength and confidence. We make it easy to discover if the Nexus Kids program is right for your child with a free consult. Book your free No Sweat Intro to see first-hand how much fun your child can have getting fit.

Starting August 30th
Fridays from 6:30-7:15
10 Class Pass
Single Class Drop-In

Go to the date you wish to attend, select the class, then complete registration from there.