Stop wasting time,
build athleticism that matters.
Strength. Explosiveness. Athleticism.
Performance is more than just hard work.

You work hard to become a better athlete. Early mornings, tough practices, long workouts, and hours upon hours of training. As an athlete, you understand that it's more than just raw talent or hard work separating the best from the rest. You know that you need to work on your weaknesses, while developing your strengths.

With our Athlete Performance program, work on exactly what YOU need to take your performance to the next level. We provide you with direction and clearly identify what you need at each step on your journey.

Leave the guesswork to the other guys.

What our Athlete Performance program can do for you:

Getting stronger and more powerful for your sport shouldn't come from the pages of a magazine. Take the guesswork out of your strength training and actually start seeing gains that matter to your performance.


Training on a balance board or squatting on a Bosu ball doesn't train an athlete how to pivot, cut, or move like they need to for their sport. Develop functional balance and coordination through intelligent programming and drills.


Many sports-related injuries could be prevented by teaching athletes how to jump, land, change direction, squat, lunge, or simply how to warm-up and recover. Developing functional strength and symmetry also helps reduce the risk of overuse injury caused by muscular imbalances and compensations.


Odds are, you really enjoy playing your sport. Taking the time to build a foundation in functional strength can greatly increase the number of years you get to enjoy playing pain-free.

Avoid the mistakes too many athletes make with their training:
  1. TOO MUCH, TOO SOON - Athletes are notorious for jumping into things with both feet, consequences be damned. Doing this can hinder your training and even lead to injury.
  2. FOLLOWING THE WRONG PLAN - Certain exercises are going to more beneficial to your sport than others. Exercise selection, intensity, and technique are everything: sub-par programming leads to sub-par results!
  3. IGNORING THE FUNDAMENTALS - Prematurely trying to move on to advanced exercises is tempting, but often counter-productive. A focus on developing a good base in strength, balance, symmetry, and body awareness will lead to greater progress than struggling through advanced techniques.
Who We Are

Nexus is a team of fitness professionals, coaches, and former athletes that understand first-hand the pitfalls of haphazard training, injuries, and the issues commonly seen in sport. Through our years of experience, we have developed our athlete performance program to help athletes avoid our mistakes and to elevate them to the next level.

Nexus Athlete Performance
Small-Group Training
  1. Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-7:30pm
  2. Programming and workouts are specific to each athlete
  3. Supervision from a qualified strength coach
  4. No more than 8 athletes per coach

No contracts:

1:1 Training
  1. Over 50 training slots, Monday-Friday
  2. Programming and workouts are specific to each athlete
  3. One-on-one with a qualified strength coach
  4. Small-group rates available

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