Do you struggle to find the “right” Workplace Wellness or Corporate Nutrition Program for your organization?
Are you at the mercy of skyrocketing healthcare premiums?
Have you lost time and money on trying to implement a program your employees will actually benefit from?
Are you wanting to improve your employees' health?
Do you need to improve retention and engagement of your workforce?
Do you lack the knowledge or administrative resources to implement a robust wellness program?
Does the term "workplace wellness" make your head hurt?
The problem is there is so much mixed information. It’s confusing. Your business needs to improve profits and productivity but rising healthcare costs are getting in the way.
Employers who invest into workplace wellness can see a return of $3 to $6 for every dollar spent over a 2-5 year period.
Employer benefits
Reduce workers' compensation claims
Decrease use of healthcare benefits
Reduce employee absenteeism
Increase employee job satisfaction
Employee benefits
Weight loss
Increase productivity, creativity, happiness, energy, and motivation
Reduce stress
Improve physical fitness and capacity