Strength & Definition

What we offer at CrossFit Nexus:

  • Multi-joint exercises like pressing, pulling, squatting and deadlifting build muscle and increase body tone
  • Blend of strength building and high intensity cardio balances muscle gain and fat burning
  • Professional coaches emphasize technique and proper progression
  • Professionally designed program is balanced and guaranteed to bust you through plateaus
  • Constantly varied high-intensity workouts are more exciting and keep you engaged

Our coaches all started exercising to build muscle and look more athletic. We know what it takes to create an exercise and nutrition program that will improve your physique and confidence.

CrossFit Nexus is a leader in building strong, lean bodies. Our CrossFit programming has delivered results for years by combining weightlifting and bodyweight movements in challenging and varied workouts. The training methods embraced in our classes build muscle, burn fat, and boost your metabolism.

Small Group and One-on-One training opportunities provide a means of working on your specific goals. Here, you work with a coach to tailor the focus and intensity of your workout to suit your needs.

CrossFit Nexus provides individualized one on one Nutrition Programming. Your nutrition habits are tailored to your preferences and your goals, with weekly checkins and feedback from a coach. Everyone has a different goal and needs a different plan. Our Nutrition Coaching program will get you where you want to be with simple daily habits and easy-to-follow plans.

From CrossFit classes to Small Group to One-on-One Personal Training, we have the right program to motivate you and change your physique.